The Release System

What is the Release System?

What will you LEARN?

Break that mould and inspire others by learning a better way of being at the Release System Seminars.

The powerful processes that you will be taught will renew and improve your finances and abundance, career and success, relationships, family and friendships, health and fitness, spirituality and connection.

Furthermore, you will let go of the pain and baggage of the past, release burdens and feel lighter, step into your best self, remove limiting decisions and beliefs that are blocking you from creating a life you love living. You will expand in ways you never dreamt possible and become a master problem solver.  You will remove addictive self sabotaging behaviours and learn the skills you need to succeed.

The Release System Programs

Inspire & Inform offers a range of Release System Programs:

Release Your Limitations

How many times have you stopped yourself from wanting something big in your life just because you were afraid you wouldn’t get it? Stop just dealing with your problems and eliminate them for good.

The Release Your Limitations two day practical and informative seminar is designed for people exactly like you that are ready to shift the burdens and experience a magnificent version of themselves. This intensive will see you change fundamental behaviours and beliefs that you’ve held for decades in a matter of minutes.  Take this step now and live the best life.

Release Your Dis-Ease

This program delivers cutting edge research and strategies in a 6 day seminar, addressing health and wellbeing.  The mind and body are a very powerful team, working in unison.  Learn how to become congruent, adopting the skills and strategies delivered to you during the training to assist in your healing.  You will experience that feeling of letting go of what is blocking you from being your best self.

Release Your Business Blocks

Those sabotaging behaviours, the problems that business throws up, the conflicts and poor communication that may exist, will all be addressed in this 2 day seminar.  Focussed on business and success, you will set outcomes and gain the skills to determine what you want, how to get it, how to overcome obstacles and all the while, staying focussed on the goal!  Your business is a reflection of you; work on you first and see the results!

Release Your Destructive Habits

You are what you are; in your comfort zone, allowing your same old habits to put a boundary around you.  You are so much more though aren’t you?  Learn to break those habits once and for all.  They are not destructive; you are just running strategies that are holding you back.  In 2 days, bust those habits; develop new strategies and skills that will lead you to what you want.  Become the best you now.

Release Your Kilos

So many weight programs focus on food and what, when and how you consume it.  We know that weight is a mind, body and soul issue.  During this 5 day Seminar you will break through the barriers that are holding you back from achieving lasting weight loss.  Remove those limiting beliefs and negative emotions, develop new strategies and become clear on your desired outcome.  In an empathetic, safe environment, allow yourself to ‘unzip’ that protective fat suit and be the person you aspire to be.